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Hiring an attorney does not have to be a complicated process. Speaking with an experienced attorney is the best first step you can take if you are facing legal issues. The law is always complicated, but that presents you with opportunities if you have a skilled attorney who has researched your situation, gathered evidence and built a strong case in your best interests.

At the Law Office of Chad M. Salsman in Towanda, you get an attorney who prides himself on providing outstanding service and affordable pricing. From Athens to Tunkhannock, attorney Salsman focuses on a variety of cases in which he has extensive experience and accomplishments, including:

Mr. Salsman has also handled cases in a broader range of practice areas, including wills and deeds, unemployment compensation, adoption and many others as a private attorney. If you have a legal issue, Mr. Salsman can help you achieve cost-effective resolution.

Valuable Experience As A Former Prosecutor And Public Defender

Attorney Chad Salsman began his legal career in 2001. Following his first position in public service as an assistant district attorney in Adams County, he served for four years as an assistant public defender in Bradford County, where he handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from summary offenses to homicide.

Mr. Salsman has a thorough understanding of all aspects of Pennsylvania law as a criminal defense attorney. His intimate knowledge of prosecution and defense strategies provides him with the skills necessary to minimize the consequences you face to the fullest extent possible. He is a fighter, and he will advocate for your best interests in all legal forums.

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