Child Custody And Child Support Lawyer

Have you ever disagreed with your spouse about how your child should be raised, what activities your child should be involved in or how much to spend on your child? Imagine how much more difficult those decisions and arguments will be when you are divorced.

Solid child custody and child support agreements are critical to decision-making and your peace of mind in the future. Putting your child's needs ahead of your own emotions is also critical. The Pennsylvania family law court reviews your agreements to ensure that the best interests of your child are taken care of, and your lawyer should too. When you and your child's other parent split up, the court will work to ensure that your child experiences minimal consequences of the split.

Protecting Your Parental Rights And Your Child's Best Interests

At the Law Office of Chad M. Salsman in Towanda, clients throughout Bradford County are provided the full range of family law and divorce services, customized to their unique needs and goals. Mr. Salsman is a child support and child custody attorney with clients from Athens, Tunkhannock and everywhere in between.

He focuses on the needs of your child and what is best for your child in the long term. One thing you must realize going into divorce proceedings is that you will always have a relationship with the other parent. Unless he or she is in jail or has a history of abuse, some sort of shared custody and visitation agreement will be necessary.

This agreement will include decisions regarding your child's primary residence, visitation times with the noncustodial parent, health care, religious upbringing, schooling, extracurricular activities and parenting time. Mr. Salsman will help you to create a plan that is fair and aligns with the best interests of your child and your parental rights.

Negotiating A Child Support Agreement

An agreement on fair distribution of costs based on earning power, custodial parent responsibilities and each parent's financial situation is forged in a child support agreement. It is important that you are not saddled with an unfair proportion of financial responsibilities and that your child's needs are met to the best of the abilities of both you and the other parent. Mr. Salsman will help you develop realistic expectations and a budget to ensure these priorities are met for the long term.

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